Tera Group Co., Ltd.

Tera Group Company Limited.
One Stops Solution for Automation System.

Tera Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the aim of providing repair, distribution, procurement, design and installation services for electrical and systems, Electronics automatic control system energy conservation system Energy saving system Including research, development and production of power electronics Including energy conservation equipment. With excellent quality and service. 

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Main products and services

• Distributor electrical equipment, DC inverter, PLC drive, power supply, electronic parts
• Procurement service electrical equipment, electronics of all kinds.
• Design, installation building and industrial electrical systems
• Design, installation energy conservation
• Design, installation of products to maintain power quality
• Design of electronic circuits, PLC, microcontrollers
• Design, improve the machine system for energy conservation
• Installing a system to measure energy consumption Devices for saving electricity
• Make all kinds of electric control cabinet
• Repairing electrical equipment, inverter, PLC, servo motor, electronic board power supply, control equipment in automation
• There is a spare inverter during repair. Warranty repair work.