SI22 Series Solar Pumping Inverter

  1. High-cost performance, pump more water with less cost.
  2. Perfect drive synchronous, asynchronous, BLDC, single-phase.
  3. Small and exquisite, palm-sized, saving installation space, and transportation costs.
  4. Simple and stylish, integrating technology and art.
  5. Intelligent IOT, which integrates online, offline, and WIFI functions.
  6. MPPT, real-time output maximum power.
  7. Simple operation, easy wiring, no trouble.
  8. Multiple protection functions escort the water pump.

The appearance is small, but the strength should not be underestimated

  1. The palm-size saves installation space and transportation costs.
  2. Thinner and lighter than other models in the past, but still powerful.
  3. Concentrate all the functions you need in an exquisite and portable design.

Simple and stylish, integrating technology and art

  1. One-key start and stop, convenient and quick.
  2. It integrates operation guidance and panel, easy to understand.
  3. The shell and the fan are organically integrated, and the ventilation is smoother.

Powerful software function to escort the water pump

  1. MPPT>99%: Adjust the output frequency according to the sunlight intensity, and get the maximum power point in real-time.
  2. Special protection functions for photovoltaic pumps: sleep, low frequency, dry, overcurrent, minimum power, etc. to ensure safe and reliable operation of the pump.
  3. Wide voltage range, support 60V-400V, longer pumping time.

Smart IOT, smart irrigation

  1. It integrates online, offline, and WIFI functions and WIFI self-organizing networks can be used in areas without network.
  2. It supports a wide range of frequency bands and can be used in any area of the world.
  3. A powerful Internet management platform can control water and fertilizer requirements anytime and anywhere.

Drive forever, a variety of pumps are perfectly driven

  1. Permanent magnet synchronous water pump: open-loop vector control, can drive high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous water pump.
  2. Three-phase AC asynchronous motor water pump: default parameters, no need to set, one-key drive.
  3. Brushless DC pump: Compatible with 10A and below DC brushless pump drive.