VEICHI AC300 Series Frequency Inverter

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AC300 general-purpose inverter-simple in form, good at heart

  1. High-performance vector universal platform, brand new motor control algorithm.
  2. Synchronous and asynchronous drives are integrated, open loop and closed loop are comprehensive.
  3. Software and hardware modular design requirements, strong expansion capabilities.
  4. Rich interface accessories, covering various applications.
  5. Book design, save installation space.
  6. Optimize the convenient keyboard design, support the new external keyboard.
  7. The upper and lower straight ventilation ducts are designed to dissipate heat by DC fans.
  8. PCB spraying three-proof paint to ensure product stability and reliability.

New appearance, design, and aesthetics are integrated

  1. Book-style narrow body structure design reduces the volume by 60%.
  2. Up and down straight-through heat dissipation, multiple inverters can be installed side by side, greatly reducing the volume of the electrical cabinet.
  3. New keyboard design, simple appearance, support dual keyboard display.

Make it simple, save more than time

  1. European-style terminal, simple wiring, improve efficiency.
  2. Domestic general parameter arrangement, optimized operation buttons, easy to use.
  3. Dedicated upper debugging software VCACSoft Ver1.5 reduces debugging time and difficulty.

Ingenious control algorithm

  1. Drive a variety of loads: support synchronous, asynchronous, electric spindle, AC servo, and other motors.
  2. Control mode: One machine covers V/F mode, frequency separation, open/closed-loop vector, free selection of speed and torque.
  3. Motor self-learning: self-learning algorithm, accurate and consistent movement, and static.
  4. High-speed field weakening control: high bandwidth current vector, 12 times the field weakening high precision output.

Hardcore style, reliable protection

  1. Software suppression function: over-current, over-voltage fast response, stable suppression.
  2. High starting torque: large low-frequency torque, ultra-low speed, and stable load operation without alarm.
  3. Short-circuit detection to the ground: Realize protection from the inverter to the motor.

Exquisite structure, handy in harsh environments

  1. New structural design: separate design of device and air duct, closed design on both sides of the machine, improve the machine’s environmental resistance.
  2. Wide-tooth high-wind heat dissipation: wide-tooth surface high-efficiency heat dissipation, high-volume, and high-speed cooling fan to ensure no derating at high temperatures in the full power section.
  3. Long-life design: Strict selection of high-quality parts, scientific layout, effectively avoid the occurrence of excessive-high temperature and extend the product life cycle.

Everything is available, with rich expansion capabilities

  1. SPI expansion port, automatic identification of expansion card, high-speed channel optimization efficiency.
  2. Abundant extensions: support multiple types of sub-expansion cards, diverse functions, suitable for multiple occasions.

Do more with less, and new debugging tools came into being

  1. Host computer debugging: VCACSoft Ver1.5 is easy to operate, configure parameters, and provide customers with flexibility.
  2. Firmware upgrade: the built-in software can be directly upgraded and replaced online, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  3. Traditional serial port: commonly used RS485 interface or field bus for data exchange.