Inverter PI500 series

PI500 High-performance standard vector control inverter

Powtran  PI500-S series solar inverter special for PV water pump adops the high accuracy fast MPPT algorithms, tracking the PV array output by the maximum power point, driving the pump motor as much as possible to meet various pumping applications. The solar inverter special for PV water pump can support AC input besides support PV array DC input. When the PV array can not drive the motor or does not have output, it can also accept the grid AC input or other AC motor to supply the power to meet various emergemcy needs.

Product introduction

PI500 series high-performance vector control inverter is based on the company’s many years of design, production, sales experience, suitable for all kinds of industrial machinery, fan& water pump drive control and heavy industry such as medium frequency grinding. Products in duct design, hardware configuration, software functions, installation design has greatly improved the customer ease of use and environmental adaptability, function optimization, application is more flexible, more stable performance, greatly improve the product reliability.

Application scope
Specification and size